What is Simboti Digital?

Simboti means cheetah in Shona. And just like a cheetah, our execution is fast and unmatched. We specialise in online marketing. Our company’s understanding in traditional marketing has solidified our skills in digital marketing.

What do your services cost?

We tailor our prices according to our clients’ needs and preferences.

We are focused on developing long term relationships with our clients.

In addition we use efficient tools to speed up the development of your website design.

Accordingly, by far the majority of your marketing budget can be allocated to the digital marketing of your website – rather than to the actual development of the website.

The costs of web design are escalated by the following factors:

  • Website Design – Custom website design is a time consuming development task, made more so by the need to make sure that the design actually works well in Mobile Responsive Design.
  • Website Development – Custom website software development is also time consuming. Quality website design requires application software.
  • Project creep – when the specification for the website development changes after the project has commenced.

What information do I need to give Simboti Digital to build a website?

The basics list:

Please provide the following:

  1. Large high quality logo in transparent PNG format
  2. Corporate Identity if available
  3. Website domain(s) and email accounts to be used for website communications, if available
  4. About section – who, what, where, when, experience set
  5. Pages required and page content for all pages
  6. A few Blog Posts, if necessary
  7. Full contact details (Physical, Postal, Telephone, Email, Mobile)
  8. Images for the site including images for a gallery
  9. Credentials, qualifications, compliance, admissions details, if necessary
  10. Social Network pages – FB, TW, Instagram, Linkedin etc including adding Simboti Digital as administrators on these pages

Any other suggestions or questions are welcome

If you have a colour scheme in mind please let us have this.

For e-commerce applications we’ll need complete product information and high resolution original quality images for all products and product information.

We regard the content you provide as merely a start because content has to be continually developed and refined.

Our Digital Marketing Service includes:

  • All your content will be edited to better express the SEM objectives of your business online
  • We’ll also make every effort to understand your business completely and therefore be able to draft quality, relevant content for your site
  • We’ll make sure that all relevant keywords are integrated into your website content
  • We draft quality content for your news blogs

How long does it take to get on the first page of google?

This depends on the competitiveness of your industry. Niche products and services are far easier to rank for.

No matter how competitive your industry, the size of your marketing budget will also determine how long it takes to reach your defined target market.

A combination of organic ranking growth and paid-for digital advertising (e.g. Google Adwords) is recommended for the quickest results.

Can you help me with my logo design?

Yes, we are able to provide logo design for websites.

A logo design for websites and mobile should also take into account usage requirements for social media and iconography.

What is SEO?

The words or phrase combination that people would think of when trying find your business, product, service, or place.

Keywords chosen should be specific, taking into account the actual number of searches on that keyword, the competition on the keyword and the value of that keyword for your business.

Whenever you search for something using a search engine, you type keywords that tell the search engine what to search for.

Relevance of a website page to a search term is determined by a Search Engine Algorithm that has contextually indexed web page textual content for websites globally.

The more specific keywords you use, the more specific (and useful) the results will be.

Does Simboti Digital offer web-related services?

Our web-related services include:

  • Web design
  • Website hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Logo design
  • Social media integration
  • Email newsletter
  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Online ordering system / online payments
  • Event booking system
  • Blog / news management
  • Ecommerce

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We build, support, backup and maintain websites for all our clients.
Effective Marketing
We take a holistic approach in our marketing strategy.
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