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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banner ?

For a good few years now the first thing you see when a home page opens is a banner image, also called a hero image.  It fills the screen and normally has some sort of headline text.

What is the difference between a banner and a slider ?

Banners are static, and sliders are animated. This means text and images move onto or off the page while the background image remains static. By adding sliders (images) a new arrangement of images and animations can automatically slide onto the screen.

Can I have a video banner ?

Yes, a video banner uses slightly different coding but is essentially the same as a static image banner. This is because there are no animations that move across the screen.

Can I have a video slider ?

Yes, although we would caution against this as a video set to autoplay with animated graphics moving across it can come across as being too busy.

Who provides the images or videos that go into banner or a slider ?

The images that make up the background of a slider or banner can come from you, or you can purchase stock images through our stock image section. Bear in mind that this image must be available in high resolution. Any pixelation will be noticed on large screens.

How many animations can I have on each slider.

Our banner designs accommodate up to 8 animations per slider.

What does animation mean when referring to a slider.

Slider animation is different from movie animation in that the element that moves, e.g., text or an image, is itself static. Behind the scenes, it is encapsulated in an invisible container. This container is then moved onto the page in a variety of ways. For example, it can slide in from the left, right, top, or bottom. Or it can fade, bounce, or wobble onto the page. There are a multitude of ways sliders can be animated.

Can I only have a banner on my home page?

Banners or sliders can be put on any of your web pages. Although most websites tend to forgo full-screen banners on their subpages.

What is a stock photo ?

Hiring a professional photographer is expensive. But thanks to a couple of really good image banks. its now possible to buy professionally taken photographs online.

What's the difference between a stock photo and a photo that I took or paid to have taken.

The difference is that you don’t own the image outright. This means the image still belongs to the owner, but you are licensed to use it on your website or in a pre-approved publication.

In what situation would I not be able to use a stock image

For example, let’s say that you launch a major advertising campaign where an image you purchased becomes synonymous with your brand. In a case like that, you would need to either buy the copyright or an extended license for that image.

What happens if I use images off the internet

The days of downloading an image and using it on your website unnoticed are gone. Nowadays, there are programs (similar to search engines) that scan through every one of the billions and billions of websites on the internet, specifically looking for copyrighted images and videos.

And when they find you, they can have your entire website removed. Not to mention they are protected by each country’s laws and can come after you legally.

Using legal images, audio, and video makes sense in the long run.

Can I use free images

Yes, there are plenty of websites that offer free images legally. Bear in mind, though, that free image banks don’t have the same resources as professional stock image banks. This means that finding the ‘right’ free photograph for your business can take much longer than expected. And as the saying goes time is money.

What is a blog article ?

A blog is a single page. In WordPress blog articles are referred to as ‘posts’.

What sort of information can a blog article contain ?

A post can contain pretty much any sort of information and can be laid out in a variety of ways. The choice is yours. For example, you may have a collection of newsletters that you want site visitors to have access to.

What is a Portfolio

Similar to a blog, portfolio items appear on their own page and that page can be formatted in anuy number of layouts. The difference with a portfolio comes in the additional functionality.

When a website needs more than 10 images per page

Depending on your business, you may have lots of images that need to be uploaded. Here at Simboti Digital, we accommodate up to 10 client-provided images per page design.

Should you require more images, you are welcome to upload them yourself or ask us to do this for you.

Our service includes optimizing the images before uploading them (reducing their KB size) as well as ensuring the file names are relevant to the subject matter they are supporting.

Here’s a Tip: Correctly naming your image files can help your search engine rankings.

What is a copy writing ?

Copywriting is the rearranging of words to make things sell better. It is a text form of salesmanship. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

What is website copy or copywriting ?

The text information you put onto your website will play a big role in your site visitors’ decision-making process. How you say what you say can be the difference between a sale or no sale.

However, website copy fulfills another purpose as well. To better understand this we need to look across into the field commonly known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Simply put this means, that in order to be ‘found’ online, aka appear high in search engine results. Your text content must also accommodate for the words and phrases your buying public use when searching for your industry online.

So not only must your website’s content be accurate and written in a way that is easy to read and gain knowledge from, but it must also include the words and phrases that someone who has no insight into your industry is most likely to use when searching for the service or product you provide.

How to write depends on your target audience ?

The days of writing copy that appeals to everyone are gone. There are a multitude of audiences in the world. Each of them having the ability to click out and away from your website without explanation. Keeping your audience depends on speaking the right language.

For example, we would expect the text on an investment banker’s website to be very conservative, slang words would be considered inappropriate.

However, a website selling makeup products to the younger generation would need to be more snatched.

Definition Snatched in 2020: The word “snatched” has two common definitions. The first is when someone is wearing something that is very fashionable or looks really good. The second refers to ganging up on someone who has already lost an argument. So instead of giving the loser sympathy one supports the victor with the phrase Snatched.

Getting help with your website’s copy can make a huge difference in the long run and is well worth considering.

How do I work out how many words I need ?

If you haven’t created any website copy yet, then a good rule of thumb is as follows.

Average Word Counts

Webpage, starting from just below the menu navigation all the way down to the beginning of the footer bar. – 300 Words.

Product Pages Excluding specifications, which are normally provided by manufacturers. – 150 Words

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