Abiola Soogun

Personal Information:
Meet the Strategy Sage, a branding powerhouse with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. When she’s not being compared to Gamora (we get it, she looks like Gamora!). She wields her skills like a samurai sword. She’s a skilled strategist and copywriter, able to craft compelling narratives that cut through the noise and connect with consumers on a deeper level.  But don’t let her cool and collected exterior fool you – the Strategy Sage is no ordinary brand expert. She’s a fierce warrior on the battlefield of marketing, ready to take on any challenge and emerge victorious. With her quick wit and no-nonsense approach, she’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers in order to get the job done. The Strategy Sage is the ultimate Samurai for any brand looking to dominate their industry; ready to deliver knockout brand strategies that will leave other campaigns in the dust.